Content Intensive Workshop: Test Prep for the Classroom


In-person: $3000 + travel OR Virtual: $2000


12 hours total (can be completed in 1 day)


We work with your content-area departments to dive deeply into their respective ACT test section and with teachers to incorporate planned, grade-level appropriate test prep into their curriculum.

English Department: English Section (3 hours)

Math Department: Math Section (3 hours)

History Department: Reading Section (3 hours)

Science Department: Science Section (3 hours)


Each 3-hour training will cover the following information:

  • Rethinking the ACT as an Assessment/Test Prep Philosophy
    • Understanding Benchmark
    • Understanding how the test is scored
    • Understanding the need for strategy and ​targeted​ content instruction
  • Overview of best practices for strategic test taking (to be implemented in all classrooms)
  • Score-Specific Strategies
  • Understanding how to use free, released ACTs for best practice in the classroom
    • Administering sample selections vs. entire sections
    • Effective Bell Ringers
    • Test corrections
    • Fair grading practices
  • Highly tested concepts
  • Question Types
  • Passage Breakdowns (Reading & Science)
  • Suggestions for implementation in the content-area classroom (grades 9-12)

○ If school is using CW Prep Student Explanation videos or Bell Ringers, teachers will be trained on implementation


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